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How To Join The PSQ Box League

Thank you for your interest in the Pittsburgh Squash Box League.

The Box League is an individual league where players are put in contact with 4 other players at their approximate skill level.  The 5 players make up a "box".  The highest skilled players are in box 1.  We typically have around 8 boxes of players in the league at every skill level, so don't worry if you're new to the game.  We would love to have you participate.
During a 6 week "cycle" you play the other 4 players in you box and record the scores in US Squash's database using this website.  The match results are recorded as US Squash sanctioned matches and affect your official US Squash rating.  Points are awarded to the winner and loser of each match based on the score in games.  The winner earns 5 points for a match.  The loser earns one point for playing a match and one point for each game won in the match.

In order to join the league, you must have a US Squash ID.  If you do not have one or are not sure if you do, navigate to the following site and follow the instructions:
After your ID is create you need to activate your account and indicate "Pittsburgh Squash" as your district.  The annual membership fee is $70 and gives you access to all Pittsburgh Squash leagues (box league and team leagues) as well as reduced entry fees to our tournaments plus a subscription to Squash Magazine.  Here is the the link to join:
Please email the Box league Commissioner after you've created your ID so that you can be added to the league in the next cycle.
Watch for an email from the Commissioner at the begining of the next cycle and go out and play some squash!
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