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2011/2012 Team League Guidelines

1. Overview

Pittsburgh Squash (PSQ) organizes two team leagues: an A/B league and a C league, under the supervision of the League Commissioner Matt Greene. Each league is comprised of teams from squash clubs and schools throughout the Pittsburgh Squash district that meet weekly to play organized, competitive matches. Matches are sanctioned by US Squash and reported on the PSQ District page of the US Squash website. At the conclusion of the PSQ Team League regular season, the four teams with the best standings from each League will enter playoffs to compete for the Team League title.


2. League Basics

a. 2010/2011 Team structures
i. A/B League matches will consist of 5 individual matches
ii. C League matches will consist of 3 individual matches


b. Match Times
i. A/B matches will be played on Monday nights at 6:00 PM
ii. C matches will be played on Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM

c. Minimum Roster Requirements
i. The minimum number of players required to register an A/B team is 3
ii. The minimum number of players required to register a C team is 2

d. Player Eligibility
All league players must be Pittsburgh Squash district members by the fourth week of league play. Any matches played by an individual who is not a registered PSQ member as of the fourth week of the season will be forfeited, regardless of the actual outcome of the match. However, a player who registers at any time during the season (but after the above deadlines) will be eligible to play matches beginning on the effective date of their registration. Late registration (after the
required date) will not cure forfeits incurred by failure to register prior to the deadline; rather, it will allow the player’s post-registration match results to
count. This policy will be strictly enforced to ensure that only PSQ members enjoy the benefits of team league play.

e. Player Registration
Pittsburgh Squash district membership is administered by US Squash. Annual membership fee is $70 payable to US Squash. Registration can be completed
online at:


3. Rules of Match Play

a. The World Squash Singles Rules govern league play and can be found at:

i. Games are to 11 points using point-a-rally scoring
ii. Each individual match is best of 5 games

b. Referees
i. Beginning in the 2010/2011 season, we will begin the practice of refereeing team league matches. All team league matches will be officiated by a referee
unless both players of a match agree to self-officiate their match. PSQ encourages matches to be officiated as this the way competitive squash is played
and learning to play under a referee and serve as an effective referee are important skills any serious squash player should possess.
ii. The home team captain will appoint a referee for the odd seated matches (1, 3, 5), while the away team captain will appoint a referee for the even seeded
matches (2, 4)

iii. The referee can be any qualified person appointed by a team captain. It is not required that the referee be a player on a participating team
iv. PSQ Score sheets are available on the PSQ webpage in the Referee Info section

c. Eyewear Policy - As mandated by US Squash policy, all PSQ League play will require the use of protective eyewear (as in US Squash-sanctioned tournament play). No exceptions will be allowed. Eyewear without lenses is not permitted. Individuals wearing corrective prescription eyeglasses may be exempt from this requirement, provided these prescription eyeglasses are worn during match play. Players failing to comply with this policy will forfeit their match.

d. The official ball for PSQ league matches is the Dunlop Revelation XX Pro squash ball.


4. League Administration

a. Team Captains – Each team will have one Captain and may elect one Co-Captain
i. Co-Captains will be given the ability to report official scores and will act as Captain in their abscence

b. Captain’s Duties:
i. Team Registration - Team captains will register their team players by emailing the League Commissioner by September 20. (Advanced notice of a year-to-year change in team registration is greatly appreciated)
ii. Court Reservation - Team Captains are responsible for ensuring that courts for home matches are reserved in advance
iii. Determine the roster position (team ranking) of his/her team’s players and declare it on team’s official roster on US Squash’s website. Players’ must be
seeded in order of their US Squash roster positions.
iv. Roster Submissions
1. The home team captain is responsible for submitting his/her team’s full roster including any declared forfeits to the away captain through the roster form on the Pittsburgh Squash website ( before 1:00 PM the day of the match. The away team captain must respond using the roster form on the PSQ website to the home captain with his/her roster, including any declared forfeits, before 3:00 PM the same day. If either team captain does not meet the roster deadline the opposing captain is asked to alert the League Commissioner

2. If a team member is unable to make the scheduled match, the team captain has 3 options:
1) Find a replacement player.
2) Take a forfeit for that player
3) Schedule the match to be played prior to the formal competition date. No make-up matches may be played after the formal competition date.

v. Score Reporting - All scores must be recorded by the winning team captain no later than three days (72 hours) after the match. Scores are to be entered on
the Pittsburgh Squash Team League page of the US Squash website. This page is easily accessible from the new Pittsburgh Squash site at Winning team will be deducted points equivalent of one game per day that the scores remain unrecorded on US Squash site following the initial 72 hour grace period.

c. Forfeits - A team forfeits a match for which it is unable to field a player i. In the case of a forfeited match, the captain of the team that will forfeit must notify the opposing captain at the time stated in section [iv/1]: Roster Submissions.
ii. If a team forfeits one match, they must play seed positions 1-4. The lowest seeded position is always the one forfeited.
iii. No-Show/No-Call. A player identified on a roster submission that does not show up for a scheduled match without prior notification will be deemed a noshow/
no call. The player’s team will receive a forfeit for the match and the player named on the roster will be deemed ineligible for competition in the following week's match

iv. Player accepting forfeit need not attend match. A team does not need every player to be present to accept a forfeit win. For example, if the home team notifies the visiting team that the home team’s fifth player cannot play, the visiting team will be awarded a forfeit whether or not it brings a fifth player to the match.
v. Decision to forfeit irrevocable. A team’s decision to forfeit a match is irrevocable. That is, if a team captain notifies the opposing captain of its decision to forfeit a match, but a player later becomes available to play the forfeited match, the forfeiting team captain may not then request that the match his team has already forfeited be played and counted as a league match. However, exhibition matches are encouraged under these circumstances.

d. Rescheduled Matches - Any request for rescheduling must be made before these respective deadlines and must be played prior to the regularly scheduled match to avoid a forced default.  The players must still be listed on the submitted roster form the day of the match.

e. Playoffs
i. Playoffs for both leagues will be held the last two weeks of the season. The four teams in each league with the highest standings during the regular season will play semi-final matches. The number one team based on regular season standings will play a semi-final match against the number four team; the number two team will play the number three team. The semi-final matches will be played at the club of choice of the two teams in each league with the highest regular season point totals. The winners of these semi-final matches will face each other in the finals, which will be held at the club of choice of the team in the finals that had the highest regular season point total. All league players are invited and encouraged to attend the finals and join the festivities planned at the conclusion of the matches.
ii. Standings will be calculated by US Squash, modified if necessary for any penalties points assessed. Final standings determining playoff participants will be calculated by the Team League Commissioner and communicated to Captains prior to Playoffs.

f. Dispute Resolution
i. League Commissioner Initially Resolves Disputes. All concerns and/or disputes regarding league matches must be submitted to the League Commissioner via e-mail by the team captain. This ensures that the team captain is aware of any concerns a team may have, and also allows the League Commissioner to be more efficient in correspondence. The League Commissioner shall issue a decision in all league disputes.
ii. Appeal to League Arbitration Panel. A team dissatisfied with the League Commissioner’s decision may appeal the decision to the League Arbitration
Panel. PSQ intends this appeal process to be used only for serious matters, not, for example, for routine disputes regarding scheduling and forfeits. The Panel will have three members: the PSQ President, the PSQ Vice President, and the PSQ Squash Pro. Any matter submitted to the League Arbitration Panel will be decided by a majority vote of the Panel members. The Panel’s decision will be final and unappeasable.

Should PSQ Team League Matches have a Referee?