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PSQ Board Meeting Minutes 9/17/2008

2008 PSRA Annual Meeting

September 17, 2008 at The Rivers Club


1.                  Leagues

(a)                Team Leagues

(i)                  Presentation of 2007-2008 season winners' and finalists' plaques

(ii)                2008-09 League nights:

1)                  A/B League - Monday at 6:00 pm

2)                  C League - Wednesday at 6:00 pm

(iii)               2008-09 Teams:

1)                  A/B League (7 teams)

a)                  Club 4 Life
b)                  CMU
c)                  Oxford North
d)                  Pittsburgh Athletic Assocation
e)                  Pittsburgh Golf Club
f)                    Rivers Club 1
g)                  Rivers Club 2
h)                  (Nomads to disband)

2)                  C League (8 teams)

a)                  CMU
b)                  Duquesne Club
c)                  Oxford North
d)                  Pittsburgh Athletic Association
e)                  Pittsburgh Golf Club
f)                    Rivers Club
g)                  Shadyside Blue
h)                  Shadyside Gold

(iv)              Team League Regular Season Dates

1)                  A/B League - October 6 to February 23

2)                  C League - October 8 to February 25

(v)                Team League Playoff Dates

1)                  A/B League

a)                  Semifinals - Monday, March 2, 2008
b)                  Finals - Monday, March 9, 2008

2)                  C League

a)                  Semifinals - Wednesday, March 4, 2008
b)                  Finals - Wednesday, March 11, 2008

(vi)              Team League Playoff Locations

1)                  Semifinals - Home court of #1 and #2 ranked teams based        on regular season record.

2)                  Finals - Home court of finalist with the higher regular      season ranking.

(b)               Box League Update - Approximately 60 currently active players.

2.                  Tournament Dates and Venues.

(a)                2008 Pittsburgh Cup - October 3-5, 2008 at the Pittsburgh Golf Club - Pro      Doubles Event

(b)               2008 Buchanan Open - November 21-23, 2008 at the Rivers Club -    Amateur Singles Event

(c)                2009 Pittsburgh Championship - March 20-22, 2008 at the Rivers Club -         Amateur Singles Event

3.                  Finances.

(a)                Discussion of PSRA financial statements for calendar year 2007, and 2008        year-to-date, prepared by Joe Bevevino, CPA.

(b)               Suggestions for additional uses of funds:

(i)                  Rules clinic during tournaments.

(ii)                Provide clubs boxes of squash balls for league play.

(iii)               Shirts for league champions.

4.                  Enhanced PSRA Website - Frank Pfenning at CMU is finishing updates to         the PSRA website, which will include:

(a)                Self-score reporting for team league captains.

(b)               Statistical citywide rankings based on past team league, box league, and            tournament results, which will be update in real time as additional scores      are entered.

5.                  US Squash Updates

(a)                Increased dues

(b)               New tournament/ranking software.

6.                  General Topics

(a)                Discussion of additional services PSRA can provide

(b)               Creation of mission statement

7.                  Election of Officers

(a)                President - Lafe Metz

(b)               Vice President and League Commissioner - Carlos Londono

(c)                Treasurer - Joe Bevevino

8.                  Election of Board of Directors

(a)                Steve Baicker-McKee

(b)               Duilio Costa

(c)                Anthony Pacella

(d)               Alex Reynolds

(e)                George Satler

(f)                 Lithemba Velleman

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