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PSQ Board Meeting Minutes 10/29/2008

October 29, 2008

2008 PSRA Board Meeting


1.                  Fall Tournament Planning

(a)                Shirts - To be ordered from Squash Design.  Tournament sponsor's name          and logo on right breast.

(b)               Prizes

(i)                  Trophy for each division winner; equipment for runner-up.

(ii)                George Satler will coordinate.

(c)                Food/Drinks - Volunteer for each meal to coordinate with Duilio:

(i)                  Friday Dinner - Lafe Metz

(ii)                Saturday Breakfast - Steve Baicker-McKee

(iii)               Saturday Lunch - Carlos Londono

(iv)              Sunday Breakfast - Lithemba Velleman

(v)                Sunday Lunch - George Satler

(d)               Draws - Joe Bevevino, Carlos Londono, and Lafe Metz will prepare.

(e)                Registration - All Board members will help.

(f)                 Scoring - Hand-In, Hand-Out to 9.

2.                  Team League Issues/Update

(a)                C League players playing for A/B teams - By a majority vote, the Board established a new rule that C league players may freely play for A/B teams, without limitation.  At the League Commissioner's discretion, following a season, a player may be required to move up from the C league to the A/B league.

(b)               Team Shirts - Lafe Metz and George Satler will obtain competitive bids for team league shirts.  The shirts will be white, collared, and will feature the name of the club and the phrase "Pittsburgh Squash League".

(c)                The Board voted not to buy boxes of balls for each league team's use.

(d)               Point-A-Rally to 11 Scoring - The Board discussed the World Squash Federation's recent decision to adopt Point-A-Rally ("PAR") to 11 scoring for all professional and sanctioned amateur events.  The Board intends to implement PAR to 11 scoring for the 2009-2010 team league season and may introduce the new scoring system in the PSRA's spring tournament.

3.                  Pittsburgh Open Pro Tournament Discussion - The Board will begin to explore the possibility of reviving the Pittsburgh Open Pro Tournament.  Duilio Costa will call the PSA to indicate our interest and to initiate the process.  The Board targets 2010, or perhaps 2011, for the tournament.  The tournament would probably be held at the Rivers Club.  There was a general consensus that at least $100,000 would need to be raised, and preferably more.  Another early step would be the selection of a Tournament Chairperson, whose primary responsibility is to direct fundraising efforts.  Duilio has some ideas and will make some initial inquiries.  The conversation regarding reviving the pro tournament will be continued during the weekend of the PSRA's fall amateur tournament (November 21-23, 2008).

4.                  Next Meeting - Will be held in January, 2009.  Date to be determined.

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