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PSQ Board Meeting Minutes 7/15/2009

July 15, 2009

July 2009 PSQ Board Meeting




1.         In Attendance:

a.         Tom Arbogast

b.         Joe Bevevino

c.         Duilio Costa

d.         Beth Fedorowich

e.         Carlos Londono

f.          Lafe Metz

g.         Lithemba Velleman


2.         A/B & C Leagues:


a.         A/B league:

i.          Start mid-October

ii.          Regular seasons ends February 22, 2010

iii.         Semi-finals March 1, 2010

iv.         Finals March 8, 2010


b.         C League:

i.          Start mid-October

ii.          Regular seasons ends February 42, 2010

iii.         Semi-finals March 3, 2010

iv.         Finals March 10, 2010


c.         Carlos will ask team captains whether teams would like team shirts


3.         Fall Tournament:


a.         November 20-22, 2009 at the Rivers Club (weekend before Thanksgiving)

b.         Tournament Directors - Lafe & Duilio

c.         "Buchanan Open" - Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney will sponsor


4.         Spring Tournament:


a.         March 26-28, 2010 at the Rivers Club (two weeks after age-group Nationals)

b.         Tournament Directors - Carlos & Duilio






5.         Junior Tournament - "Midwest Tour"


a.         Charlie Johnson is promoting midwest tour of junior events, involving Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Buffalo, perhaps St. Louis and Pittsburgh.

b.         Pittsburgh interested to participate if bronze or silver event (court time limitation                                     precludes gold)

c.         Tournament Directors - Carlos, Duilio, Alex


6.         Preparation for Annual PSQ Membership Meeting


a.         Meeting in mid-September, date tbd

b.         Need bylaws updated - Lafe will suggest revisions

c.         Possible new board members:

i.          Tom Arbogast

ii.          Beth Fedorowich

iii.         Dave Michalowski

iv.         Wendy O'Donnell

d.         Annual financial statement

i.          Joe Bevevino, CPA will prepare

ii.          Lafe will provide copies of PSQ bank statements to Joe


7.         Pittsburgh Cup Pro Men's Doubles Tournament Update


a.         Taylor Abbett is gauging interest

b.         Tournament tentatively on pro calendar for October 2-4, 2009

c.         Depends on fundraising efforts

d.         Beth and Lafe will coordinate with Taylor


8.         Pro Women's Doubles Tournament Update

a.         Possibility postponed till 2010-2011 season

b.         Beth will discuss with Taylor possible alternating, year-by-by, pro men's and pro                                   women's doubles tournament


9.         Possibility of Pittsburgh Urban Youth Squash Program


a.         Committee formed to consider next steps and report back to Board:

i.          Beth Fedorowich

ii.          Carlos Londono

iii.         Anthony Pacella

b.         Possible starter program in coordination with local high schools to determine if                           sufficient interest to form nonprofit corporation, get 501(c)(3) status, obtain US                           Squash designation, etc.

c.         Consider inviting participating youth players to Midwest Tour junior tournament




10.       Fall Clinic


a.         Still considering Shahier Razik - Lafe will continue discussion

i.          Ideal Structure:

A.        Shahier plays one game exhibition with each of ten local players.                                                B.         Comments to crowd on points and techniques

C.        ~$200 per local player for the exhibition

D.        ~$25 spectator ticket

b.         Possible alternative - Julian Illingsworth and Gilly Lane

c.         Possible doubles clinic - Beth will discuss with Skip Shroeder


11.       Box League Update - Tom Arbogast


a.         Transition to Tom's term as Administrator went smoothly

b.         Tom will emphasize importance of eye protection in next cycle's cover email


12.       Pittsburgh Squash Logo Update


a.         Board reviewed logo prepared by Dave Michalowski

b.         Consider using black and gold

c.         May need to adapt design

Should PSQ Team League Matches have a Referee?