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PSQ Board Meeting Minutes 12/10/2009

December 10, 2009

PSQ Board Meeting




1.         2009 Fall Pro-Am Tournament Recap

a.         Very positive feedback from both pro and amateur events

b.         Reviewed Finances - Net gain of $1,500 for combined Pro-Am tournaments

c.         Board suggested non-collared shirts for next tournament


2.         Junior Squash Program Update

a.         Junior Clinics:

i.          Will be taught/organized by Duilio and Beth

ii.          All Board members encouraged to participate

iii.         Saturday, February 6th at Oxford North - 10am-2pm

iv.         Saturday, April 24th at Pittsburgh Golf Club - 10am-2pm

A.        Pending PGC approval

v.         No fee for junior players

vi.         Board approved $250/clinic budget, possible to be adjusted after 1st clinic

A.        Junior Squash Summit T-Shirt

B.         Food

C.        Prizes?

b.         High school squash program:

i.          Shadyside Academy has an established program

ii.          Shane Fischbach has been developing Taylor Alderdice club team with                                      support from Beth

A.        Chatham courts may be available for Taylor Alderdice Club team

I. $150 payment to Chatham for 12 week program

II.         Chatham requested liability waiver from Taylor Alderdice

(a)        Beth will follow up

iii.         Winchester Thurston is developing a program with support from Duilio

A.        Practice Monday, Wednesday, Friday at Rivers Club from 3:30-                                                           5:30pm through end of March

iv.         Discussions underway with Ellis for club team

c.         Equipment Donation - PSQ will organize used equipment collection for junior                            squash program in January at Rivers Club (Duilio), Oxford North (Carlos), PAA                                  (Steve Frank/Beth), and PGC (Beth)


3.         Women’s Squash Exhibitions/Clinics Update

a.         Duilio and Beth organized a women's squash clinic at CMU for                                                  faculty/staff/students in November

b.         Next CMU clinic will be held January 16th

c.         Duilio, Beth, and Amy will organize Chatham clinic in February


4.         Mission Statement - Beth, Carlos and Lafe to prepare draft in next 2-3 months for Board          review


5.         PSQ Internet Presence

a.         Board agreed that PSQ Website would benefit from enhancement to include                              updated appearance and additional features, e.g., pictures, video, event calendar,

i.          To be discussed with Dave Kodrin

b.         Board will consider hiring consultant to update website

i.          Duilio suggests Duane Wells

ii.          Steve Frank will also recommend consultants

c.         Social Networking – Should PSQ have a Facebook page?

i.          May encourage additional junior participation

d.         Tom Arbogast will be PSQ point person for website and internet issues


6.         Team League Update

a.         Conversion to US Squash website going well

i.          Carlos and Tom have held several conference calls to help team captains                                               learn new software

b.         Carlos and Tom have led membership drive

i.          Current PSQ paying membership is 109

c.         Semifinals in both leagues to be held at clubs that finish 1 and 2 in regular season

d.         Finals in both leagues to be held at club in finals with better regular season record

i.          PSQ will provide food at club for finals in both leagues

e.         For 2010-2011 season, PSQ will offer to coordinate ordering of team shirts for all                                interested A/B and C league teams

i.          Players to pay for their own shirts

ii.          Carlos will coordinate

iii.         Shirts likely will be ordered from Squash Design

iv.         Anticipated that shirts will include PSQ logo (once adopted) and team                                       name, different color for each team


7.         Box League Update

a.         Conversion to US Squash website going well

b.         Former box league website no longer used

i.          Tom mentioned that he advised Frank Pfenning, who maintained prior                                        site, and thanked him for his long and valuable service


8.         Spring Tournament

a.         March 26-28, 2010 (Rivers Club)

b.         Carlos & Duilio Tournament Directors

c.         Division of labor

i.          Flyer - Lafe

ii.          Emails to PSQ Members re Event - Carlos

iii.         US Squash Sanctioning - Tom

iv.         Draws - Tom

v.         Food - Beth

vi.         Drinks - Beth

vii.        Prizes - Dave Kodrin

viii.       Trophies - George

ix.         Saturday night event - Brendan

x.         Treasurer/Budget - Lafe

xi.         Shirts - Steve Baicker-McKee


9.         PAA Doubles Tournament - January 13-16, 2010

a.         Open court time at PAA January 2, 2010

i.          Possible clinic to attract new doubles players - Beth will ask Skip                                                          Shroeder, maybe David O'Laughlin

b.         Handicapped tournament

c.         Steve will consider removing "Invitational" from name to clarify that                                            tournament is open to all, no invitation needed

d.         First match must be finished by Thursday.  Courts will be available.

e.         Steve will prepare additional advertising email, which Lafe will circulate                                      to PSQ membership


10.       2010 Fall Pro-Am Tournament:

i.          Tentative Dates: Tuesday, November 16 to Sunday, November 21, 2010

ii.          Will be Pro-Am

iii.         Pro Tournament

A.        Director will be Steve Baicker-McKee

B.         Steve will confirm dates with Squash Design and PSQ

C.        PSQ Board will divide up pro tournament tasks

iv.         Amateur Tournament

A.        Directors will be Lafe or Carlos, and Duilio

B.         Will be held same weekend as pro event

C.        Event should be sanctioned early with US Squash


11.       2010 Junior Tournament

a.         Board decided that PSQ will host a 2010 Midwest Junior Tour event

b.         Tom Arbogast will be tournament director

i.          Lafe will put Tom in contact with Charlie Johnson to discuss specifics


12.       Pittsburgh Squash Logo Update

a.         The Board liked the logo Tailored Marketing prepared, which includes the                                 Pittsburgh city skyline with the words "Pittsburgh Squash" written underneath.

b.         The Board requested that the logo be revised to include a red line along top of                           skyline (symbolizing squash court out-of-bounds line), possibly convert the "Q"                                     in "Squash" into a black squash ball with two yellow dots, possibly use a black                           and gold color scheme for whole logo.

c.         The Board also requested that a "gray scale" version of the logo be prepared for                                    black and white printing and use on shirts.

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