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PSQ Board Meeting Minutes 2/4/2010

February 4, 2010

PSQ - February 2010 Board Meeting




1.         Clinic

a.         March 20-21, 2010 (Rivers Club)

b.         Lekgotla Mosope - Guest Pro

c.         Saturday 3/20 - Clinics: Juniors, Women, Men's C, Men's A/B

i.          Cost: $40/person

d.         Sunday 3/21 - Private Lessons

i.          Cost: $80/hour

e.         Board approved $1,200 flat fee for guest pro

f.          Board approved Rivers Club fee of $400


2.         Spring Tournament

a.         March 26-28, 2010 (Rivers Club)

b.         Division of Labor

i.          Flyer & Budget - Lafe

ii.          Trophies - George

iii.         Food - Beth

iv.         Draws - Tom

v.         Court reservations - Duilio

vi.         Tournament Directors - Carlos and Duilio

c.         The Board approved the budget for the spring tournament, which anticipates a $625 loss


3.         PSQ Mission and Vision Statement

a.         The Board reviewed the draft Mission and Vision statement that Carlos, Tom, and Lafe                            had prepared.

b.         Board members invited to submit comments.

c.         The Board hopes to finalize the Mission and Vision Statement at its next meeting.


4.         Pittsburgh Squash Logo – The Board approved a new PSQ logo, prepared by Tailored Marketing.


5.         Junior Squash Program – Beth/Duilio (10 minutes)

a.         Junior Clinics:

i.          Saturday, February 6th at Oxford North: Canceled due to blizzard

ii.          Saturday, April 24th at Pittsburgh Golf Club: Canceled due to PGC conflict

iii.         Duilio will advise the Board of the date of the next scheduled junior clinic (May)

iv.         Duilio advised that Wilson sponsors the junior clinics.  The $250 per junior clinic                            budget the Board previously authorized is not needed.


b.         High School Squash Program

i.          Taylor Alderdice - 15 players on the roster.  Played at the PAA this season.  May                                                play at Chatham next season, once Pittsburgh School District has signed an                                              indemnification required by Chatham.

ii.          Winchester Thurston - Had a successful season, practicing three days per week at                                   the Rivers Club, culminating with two scrimmages vs. Shadyside Academy.

iii.         Ellis - Considering a team for next season


c.         Equipment Donation - The equipment donation program has been canceled.  Most equipment is used until it breaks, so there is insufficient used equipment for this program.


6.         Women’s Squash Exhibitions/Clinics

a.         CMU - Beth and Duilio have organized two women's clinics so far at CMU.  The first had 20 participants.  The second  had 15 (but was during the snowstorm).  The third will be scheduled in March or April.


7.         PSQ Website

a.         The Board approved discussing with Pravin Thakur of PM Computing the possibility and cost for upgrades to the PSQ Website.

b.         One desired update is the ability to accept event registrations electronically.


8.         Team League – Carlos reported that the team league is running smoothly.  He is working with team captains to ensure that all league match scores are reported so that the standings can be kept up to date to determine which teams will be in the playoffs.


9.         Box League – Tom reported that the box league is going well.  Tom previously notified all players last month that players who play no matches will be removed from the box league for at least one cycle and until they ask to rejoin.  Tom will implement this policy in the next cycle.


10.        New Business

a.         The Board approved having PSQ pay for t-shirts for the Taylor Alderdice squash team, at an anticipated cost of $150-$250.

b.         The Board approved increasing the entry fee for future PSQ tournaments to $70 for one draw and $80 for two draws, with a late fee for people who enter after Monday preceding the t
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